Aqualand takes pride in ensuring that our rooms are kept exceptionally clean. Our goal is to constantly exceed our guest’s expectations and we are always coming up with new and innovative ways to do this.

Common Rooms
The Cottage has several common areas for guest use during their stay.

There is a large room to relax in with a wood burning fireplace. There are comfortable chairs, pillows and tables placed throughout the room for relaxing and enjoying your time.

Two kitchens are located on either wing of the Cottage with utensils as well as a stove and refrigerator for guest use.

There are three full toilets and three showers, at the Cottage. There are no en-suites, two of the rooms have sinks within them.

Private Rooms
There are eight rooms at the Cottage that range in size from two to six person occupancy. We are of the philosophy at the Cottage that “the more the merrier” so please let us know in advance of your group’s accommodation needs and we will do our best to ensure that nobody is left behind.

See photogallery for pictures of the rooms

Price list

It is possible to rent the whole cottage for 20 people: 400,- /night.

In case of a smaller group (up to 10 people) it is possible to rent either the right or the left part of the cottage separately: 200,-/night. The middle common room with the fireplace is shared by bothe parts.

In the case of a group smaller then 10 persons and if the cottage is not otherwise booked it is possible to rent an individual room/rooms. The minimum cost depends on the count of accommodated guests.

Next table lists prices if the cottage is not fully booked – it is possible to book individual rooms if they are available. Minimum count of accommodated guest is: 4, or payment for 4 persons.

The cottage provider can cancel the booking of an individual room if there is another booking for the whole cottage made.

Číslo izby Room Type # of Beds Price
2. downstairs left 2 40€
3. upstairs left, ROOM WITH A BALCONY AND LAKE VIEW 2 40€
5. upstairs left, ROOM WITH A BALCONY AND FOREST VIEW, possible 1 extra bed 2 50€
6. downstairs right,(2 x BUNK BEDS) 4 60€
8. upstairs right, possible 1 extra bed 2 50€
9. upstairs right 2 40€
10. 8-upstairs right 1 20€