Cottage Aqualand is the ideal setting to leave the fast pace of everyday life behind and enjoy the simple pleasures that Cottage life has to offer. With room for over twenty five guests it is more than enough for your family and friends, or come in a smaller group and join our growing circle of like minded adventurers who enjoy living life to the fullest.

Located in Slovensky Raj Natural Park, the cottage is nestled in a small valley and is completely surrounded by mountains, lakes and wild untouched nature for you to explore.

Aqualand has it all, beautiful tranquil lakes, fresh mountain air, and a boundless possibility of new adventures with nature. Let your mind wander and feed your soul. Visit us soon, and be a part of the Aqualand family.


Požičiavanie bicyklov v Aqualande!
Nezaškodí trocha driny ani v lete cez prázdniny !!!!POŽIČIAVANIE BICYKLOV V PENZIÓNE AQUALAND !!!! Prenájom bicykla na deň (pri väčšom počte možná z...
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